Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easy Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Results
Part 1

Recently, I realized that sometimes I take Email Marketing for granted.  Not intentionally, of course.  Like that shirt I’ve had for 20 years hanging in my closet that I always seem to grab when I don’t know what else to wear.  I don’t give that favorite shirt credit for always being comfortable and fitting just right-and perhaps looking great on me too.  Email Marketing is a little like that.

According to most marketing surveys’, Email Marketing is the top form of marketing for small business.  So why aren’t there more people clamoring to know how to improve the results they get from using it?  Is everyone having amazing success?  Or do we just count on it always being there, doing a good job, like my favorite shirt?

For now, let’s assume that we don’t talk about Email Marketing much because we ARE taking it for granted.  We know we can tweak it to get better results, if we just knew what those tweaks should be. 

What brought this up?  Last week, a new client of mine said they were really struggling with their Email Newsletter.  It is an essential part of their lead generation, but they are wrestling with ideas as to how to get better results.  After I helped them put together a new template, add good content and create the right type of links, we sent it out to their followers and held our breath.  We didn’t have to wait long, the response was significantly better than any of their prior email newsletters and it surpassed those old numbers in a little over an hour.  How was this accomplished so quickly?

  • Create an email marketing strategy.  Both as a short term (one email) and long-term (multiple emails over time) email marketing plan.  Email marketing executed correctly isn’t a once a quarter proposition.  In order to develop your brand in your prospects mind, they need to see it repeatedly.  Determine what the optimal send rate is for your product or service.  A hint…it is probably more often than you think.