Thursday, January 31, 2013

Are You Using a LinkedIn Company Page?

Have you started your LinkedIn Company Page?  If not, go in and give it a shot.  If you have a personal profile on LinkedIn and list your business as your employer, you may only have to search for the company to 'grab' it.  You will need to show you are an owner or someone connected with the company to start using it.  If it isn't already listed, go to the Companies Home page on LinkedIn and click on Add a Company.  

LinkedIn Company Pages are becoming more popular, although they haven’t caught on quite like Facebook Pages have.  While Facebook Business Pages work well with any product or service that is consumer driven, LinkedIn Pages target professionals and businesses, but they can also target anything a professional would purchase, because business people are consumers too.

An example of a LinkedIn Company Page with all the bells and whistles is Dell Computers.  Their page is constantly being updated, has almost 395,000 followers, lists 43 products and services, has tons of great video and has a full page of career and employee information.  Their page uses graphics, video, and well written content to pull readers and followers into their company.  You can have this same type of site too with just a little work.

A Web Site if You Need One

If your business doesn't have a Web site, it’s possible to use a LinkedIn Page as your Web site.  I'm not suggesting you go without a Web site, but there are still plenty of small businesses that don't have one.  If you are one of those, take a peek at the LinkedIn Pages.  They may be a fit for your business.  It's certainly low cost, free actually, and fairly easy to put up.  

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cindy Neky Presented
'50 Tips for Small Business
Social Media Success'

On January 9 of this year, Cindy Neky spoke to the Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce on '50 Tips for Small Business Social Media Success.'   

Cindy was chosen to kick off the Pittsburgh Airport Area Chambers' new Education Series program at the Courtyard by Marriott Settlers Ridge . The room was packed with eager learners to hear this fast paced discussion on some of the most important issues in Social Media. 

Cindy answers a question about Social Media

Cindy Neky speaking to the PAACC Education Series attendees.

If your business or organization is looking for a knowledgeable, captivating speaker on a variety of marketing topics, contact Cindy.