Monday, June 13, 2011

How Do I Delete a Comment I Don't Like From My Facebook Page?

Have you had comments on your Facebook Page (or profile) you didn't want? Were you unsure what to do with them?

The easiest way to handle a comment made on your Facebook Page wall that you would like to have removed is to go to the specific comment itself.   If you go to the far right of the comment and hover your cursor, you will see a little star burst appear.  Click on the star burst and it will give you choices on what you can do with the comment and the person commenting.  Facebook allows you to either remove the post, remove the post and ban user (which you would probably want to do if the person is trying to sell something or is annoying), hide post or report as abuse. 

You can also delete the offender from your list of “likes”, by going in to the list of people that like your page and clicking on the “x” by his/her name to delete them.  Do this by clicking into the profile for your page at the top right corner.  Then on the left you will see a number with "people like this" beside it.  Click on the "people like this" and you will see the people that like your page.  Find the offender in this list and click the "x" beside their name to delete them.  They will no longer be able to comment on your page.

It is also possible to change your settings; by clicking on the edit page box in the top right corner and then into manage permissions.  If you uncheck the box for "users can write or post comments on your wall" no one will be able to make comments or otherwise post information, good or bad.  Think a significant change like this through before implementing.  Do you want people that "like" your page to be able to ask you questions and provide input?  If so, do not change the "posting ability" setting.  A change like this takes away from the Facebook experience.  In many cases, at least for small businesses, it is better to delete comments you don’t like and allow the interaction that comes from your followers comments.  It's always great to see a happy customer comment on how terrific you are.  Plus, it is great PR for your other followers to see a good comment as well!

Facebook is giving you several ways to handle umwanted comments.  It's your decision as to what to do with them.  Always consider your total strategy for using Facebook before making significant changes to your Page.

Have you had problems with people posting unwanted sales offers on your Page?  What do you prefer to do with unwanted or derogatory comments?  Please post comments below.

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