Friday, September 3, 2010

See Your Clients In Person For That Personal Touch

Too often we get so caught up in thinking of ways to reach our customers-online, mail, Web site, twitter, blog, and Facebook- that sometimes we forget the old fashioned way, seeing them in person.

For those of you in a business-to-business (B2B) selling situation, that means going to your client's office or maybe even taking them to lunch. A business-to-consumer (B2C) seller should get out on the sales floor more often.

Sure, you have plenty to do in your office. Bookwork, address personnel issues, or finish your most recent project, but there isn't anything more important than the personal touch of seeing your clients face-to-face. While we are all busy (is there anyone out there that isn't?), your clients and customers still want to see you and know that you care.

OK, I realize it may sound a little corny, but the people factor still plays a huge part in selling any product or service. People still buy from people.

There has been a huge increase in online purchasing. Which means there is a lot of buying done without any personal interaction. And if you can sell your product in strictly that way, you are extremely fortunate.

Many sales still depend on some personal interaction and it is critical that you know when your marketing depends on it and when it doesn't. Don't ignore your customers and the necessary personal touch. Try not to forget them when you get busy with the operational part of your business.

A few ways to reach out and touch your clients:

Retail Businesses-

1. Personally greet your customers when they come through the front door. How many times has that happened to you? Differentiate your business.

2. Ask their opinion of new products you are carrying or thinking of carrying. Give them samples to try.

3. Have an open house or theme event. Announce that you will be holding a holiday open house with food, prizes and/or speakers. Choose an unusual holiday such as National Popcorn Day, National Pie Day, Friendship Day, or Son and Daughter Day. Be creative.

Commercial/Industrial Businesses-

1. Have an open house at your headquarters. Invite all your good clients and prospects.

2. If you are a national company, hold regional meetings closer to your customers' location. Invite several attendees and give them a chance to meet other clients.

3. Surprise your customer by personally delivering a small gift to them, for no special reason.

These aren't the only ways, but this gives you an idea of the type of personal attention you can give your customers.

Spend time with your customers, so that when your competitor comes knocking at their door they won't answer.

Cindy Neky
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