Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Does My Business Need a Blog?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Every business today should have a blog of some sort.

We've all heard of blogs, but what is a blog? The word blog is short for Web log. Started a few years ago by someone that thought all of their friends should know their thoughts and feelings-like reading their diary.

 The blog has developed into a communication vehicle for not just individuals, but businesses as well. Whether you sell to consumers or to other businesses, a blog can be an effective way to casually provide information and opinion to your customers.

 Many smalller businesses may find it difficult to find the time to blog often. If that is the case, do it when you have a topic that is relevant for your clients. That may be daily or it may be monthly or less often. If your clients know that from time to time you will be providing information in a blog, they will look for it.

 The mistake that I often see is the infusion of personal issues into blogs. Any time you are writing creatively it is always good to infuse some sort of "personal" knowledge or experience. It makes the information more believable. However, you should leave business blog topics to business related information. That doesn't mean you can't use a topical theme to make a point (see my blog about American Idol.) But don't write about your son's baseball game or daughter's dance recital unless it somehow relates back to a business topic. 

 Recently I had a bank senior administrator ask me whether a blog would be good for their business. I told him it absolutely was a necessity in today's competitive financial environment. A blog personalizes a business that in most cases, seems exactly the opposite.

 Even if you manufacture steel for a widget company, a blog will make your business seem more in tune with customers. It will give you a way to positively address those nagging questions that they have or even answer product use questions.

 Be creative with your blogs and people will continue to come back time after time. You will be seen as the expert in your field, no matter what field that is.

What do you think about businesses blogging and how it can help or hurt them?  I want to hear your thoughts.

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