Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hackers Leave Me Alone

A few months ago I was hacked. Never had it happen before that I am aware. It happened on Twitter. I received a direct message from someone that I follow on Twitter. It was a strange message and I went ahead and clicked on it to see what she was referring to. That was my first mistake. When I went to the Web site it was a nothing site. So I contacted my friend directly through Twitter to inquire about the email. She found that she had been hacked.

Evidently she contacted Twitter, because I received an email from them telling me to change my password. Unfortunately, I was so busy with projects I couldn't get to it right away. My second mistake. She contacted me a few days later saying that she had gotten a direct message from me through Twitter with some questionable content.

 And so it goes...after all the times that I didn't open an email or attachment for fear of getting a virus, I innocently did this once and got hacked. It never occured to me that I might get hacked in Twitter. Just proves we can get hacked anywhere.

 Another friend around that same time had her blackberry stolen. In it she had all of her passwords and important information. The person who stole it went into her Facebook account and hacked it good. All of her friends got a rude awakening. Her Facebook page had to be shut down immediately.

 My password has been changed on my Twitter account. My friend has a new Facebook page. But it makes me feel vulnerable and maybe more aware just how simple it is for someone to get into our lives. My Twitter account is for business tweeting. So, you won't get anything of a personal nature from me there. I've learned my lesson.  Drop everything to address a possible hack!
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