Friday, May 14, 2010

Let's Talk Advertising has almost become a dirty word.  Businesses think it costs too much.  Consumers think there is too much of it.  What is a marketer to do?

First thing we all need to do is take a deep breath and then exhale.  Just relax.  Without advertising the world would be a much different place.  Really, it would.  Not so good either.  Hear me out on this.

Advertising isn't only about selling products any more.  It's also about delivering information.  While we may feel bombarded with more information than we need, information (as the old saying goes) is power.  What you know can help you.

There are more places to advertise then ever before.  It has only been the last 5+ years that social media became another new forum for advertising.  And it's changing every day.  Few businesses rely soley on print, billboards or media for advertising any more.  It doesn't mean that those aren't still viable places to advertise, it just means if you only advertise there you will miss out on terrific opportunities.

Consumers, both in B2C and B2B, are looking for information.  If you can supply that information your prospects, and most importantly your target market, will likely look to you for help when they need it. 

While we never want to forget that advertising should bring in business.  We should also look at what we can do differently with it that may set us apart.  Supplying information can be a part of that.

If your customers and prospects want to know more about the internet, tell them about it.  When they are ready to do more with the internet, they will see you as the expert.  Your knowledge will help sell you.

So don't be shy about "advertising" that you can give them the information they want.  It really is power. 

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