Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Advertising to Women Not So Hard

Much of the time, when advertisers put together an ad or some other type of advertising or marketing piece, they forget who the real decision maker is.  Studies show that women are, in fact, the primary decision maker when it comes to most purchases.  And in those cases where they do not make the decision solely on their own, they are the primary influencer.  Important stuff.

So why do so many ads talk down to women?  Or belittle their role in the workplace or home?  Trust me, no woman thinks her dust mop is going to send her flowers just because she chooses a swiffer instead.  Ad agencies and corporate America have lost perspective when it comes to women.  While they try to be cute, they lose the message of how powerful women are today.  And how important their belief in a product really is.

Next time you prepare an ad, commercial or other information where women may be involved (women even choose the vehicles that are purchased), ask yourself if it is demeaning to women.  Would a woman find the message clear, concise and relevant?  Or would they think to themselves how stupid that ad is?

Today, women are looking for ideas and products that are a good value, are a solution to their problem and are convenient.  Many women are not only managers in their work, they are also managers of their home.  So no matter whether they are a domestic manager or a corporate manager, they are looking for many of the same attributes when purchasing.  Get to the point and tell me how this will help me. 

No matter what your product or service, if you approach women in a positive way, you are more likely to be a hit and gain their purchase.  Remember, women affect over 75% of the purchases in the US (I think it is probably closer to 90%.)  You can't afford to antagonize them with the wrong message, or worse, a demeaning one.

Cindy Neky
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