Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Super Bowl Advertising- Better or Worse?

Every year I look forward to the Super Bowl.  Not always because of the game.  I'm in Pittsburgh, so we have had more than our fair share of Super Bowl appearances.  When it comes down to the actual game there isn't always one team I prefer.  This year would have been in that category.

 What does that leave for the rest of us besides the snacks and drinks?  The commercials.  Don't get me wrong.  Half time is OK.  But how many more oldies groups can they bring back?  I didn't realize the Who were still together.  My son and I were trying to figure out how old these guys are now.  Ancient was our final decision.  As I'm sitting there listening to them I realized that CBS had to be in seventh heaven.  All of the CSI shows have a Who song as the theme.  Yes, the Who played all of them.  Couldn't have been a better advertisement if CBS had paid for it.

Back to the commercials.  I sat through all of those.  Definitely had my favorites.  For me, the Denny's ads were great.  I know that the AD AGE studies showed them down on the list of favorites by most watchers.  But I thought they were funny and I remembered the message too.  Sometimes the commercials lose their message.  You remember...the chickens that screamed because Denny's was having a special on eggs.  Loved those chickens.

AD AGE says that the Betty White/Abe Vigoda ad was the most liked ad .  Heck, I can't remember the product.  Guess I'm not a very attentive person.  I do remember the Doritos ad with the guy in the coffin.  Didn't like it very much, but I remember it.  AD AGE also says that everyone else remembered it too.

All in all, the game was exciting.  Half time was just OK.  The commercials were so/so.  But I will still watch the Super Bowl.  You never know when a great commercial is going to happen.

Cindy Neky